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- +===== Creatures of thought =====
 +Exposures through water, through sand (including light)
 +Photographic paper is a rather patient absorber, and therefore very
 +suitable for these kind of experiments, as it is not as sensitive as
 +fellow film materials. In the thought-o-grahical context of these
 +experiments, light has a double purpose. On one hand it naturally
 +exposes all light sensitive materials and on the other hand it acts as a
 +carrier of something that I will call creatures of thought (whatever
 +these creatures of thought might be and wherever they might come from
 +and whatever they might tell me), I will maybe never know. It is also
 +not important.
 +The inclusion of light in these experiments allows or even enables these
 +creatures of thought to be absorbed and/or reflected and finally
 +revealed throughout chemical processing on the very photographic paper.
 +In my earlier thought-o-graphic experiments where light was strictly
 +excluded during the entire process, I was (and still am) concerned with
 +objects or subjects that reflect their specific memory, history,
 +feelings, atmosphere, thought forms etc.. onto the photographic paper.
 +Most of the time in direct contact, the object or subject emits or
 +transmits, the paper absorbs.
 +In both cases the sensitive layer acts as a revelation or mirror of the
 +presence of these alleged emissions or respectively creatures of
 +PS: Drawing with light, reflection and absorbation, creatures of thought
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