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Look: First impression, judged under the influence of nearly 10 years lazy photoshopping: curly, messy and a bit clumsy but happy, colourful and quite friendly

Smell: Intensively fruity, flowery

After the first stubborn chewyness, (biting off the tentacles first) it gets smoother and I slowly find my way through the unknown labirynth between surface and inside. The slippery ingredients are difficult to make out as they are very different to my former environment, but eventually I can feel some surprisingly new and pleasant textures. After chewing and curling it round and round I leave it melting on the tongue a bit longer than necessary, – the little loose and scattered bits join slowly together into a nearly smooth and comprehensive jelly.

Very sweet surface, the deeper I chew the more sour it gets.

Some bits might stick in my teeth for quite a while, but hopefully that will only safe the juicy taste a bit longer.

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