Knax Riesen (by Hengstenberg)
aka: “riesig, knackig and w├╝rzig”


Size: From 10 – 12 cm length onwards, 4-5 cm diameter

Colour: Pale green with tendency to bleached olive, dark edges

Shape: Massive, trunky, a bit plump but friendly

Crunchyness: Strong, firm, bity

Taste: After the first, slightly watery delusion -i might have been unlucky- these juicy Knax Riesen, with their delicately layered vinegar-mustardseed dressing, tasted themselves – so far! – into my one of my favourite range of gew├╝rzgurken. Bumpy round and full flavour.

Spicyness: Decent vinegar

Persistency: less than a week (a jarr of 1550g)

Gurken Ranking: 7 out of 10

PS: Unfortunately I can only provide a normal knax family picture, (which are tastewise equally good, but smaller) because the jarr is already empty.

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  1. Can you please post the price of the gherkins featured in Gur-Kon-test? It may not be an important aspect of the review for the likes of you but some of us do have to consider these things!

    best wishes

    mr pf.

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