Katier presents: Star Shots Magazines

Katier is very happy to have been invited by infamous occulto magazine to join their desk at MISS READ – The Berlin Art Book Fair from 19th – 22th of September! Two new editions of my freshly printed Star Shots Magazines and my self are looking forward to meeting you at the occulto magazine desk!

MISS READ will be hosted by abc – art berlin contemporary for the second year, after taking place at KW Institute for Contemporary Art for the previous three years.

abc art berlin contemporary
Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6
10963, Berlin

Opening hours
Thursday, 19.9.2013, 12-9pm
Friday, 20.9.2013, 12–7 pm
Saturday, 21.9.2013, 12–7 pm
Sunday, 22.9.2013, 12–7 pm

Free Entry




Gewürzgurken (by Spreewaldrabe)
aka: handverlesen und fein gewürzt


Size: From 2 – 4 cm length, up to 1 cm diameter

Colour: Paddock green

Shape: Slim, capriciously curvy, fine delicate knobs

Crunchyness: Queen of crunchyness

Taste: Despite their excellent appearance, these gorgeous looking gherkins unfortunately cannot keep what they promise. With the first bite, which is honestly a very delightful crunch, disappointment cannot arise soon enough, while waiting invane for its taste to spread, as surprisingly, nothing but salt and water evolves these firm ambitious pretenders.

Spicyness: watery, slightly salty

Persistency: A week (a jarr of 330g)

Pricing: 0,99 Euros

Gurken Ranking: 4 out of 10



Gurkentopf (by Giggles)
aka: Gherkins


Size: From 7 – 8 cm length onwards, up to 2 cm diameter

Colour: Eel green, but cute yellow-stripy tip

Shape: “beerbelly” tendency, sad (unlike their name), even and bumpless surface

Crunchyness: Floppy, soft

Taste: If there is any flavour to taste out, it is definitely vinegar, and an apparantly cheap one. It might do some favour to the little delicious silver onions, but unfortunately not to the poor gherkins. Soaked with the harsh liquid, they splash it out all over the place with the first bite. Mind your environment!

Spicyness: Penetrant, mouth pulling vinegar

Persistency: Longer than a week (a jarr of 1550g)

Pricing: 1,19 Euros

Gurken Ranking: 3 out of 10



Moskauer Gurken (by Kühne)
aka: “pikant würzig, nach russischer Art”


Size: From 5 – 6 cm length onwards, 1,5-2 cm diameter

Colour: yellowish green tip leading to luscious meadow, salamander pattern
Shape: elegant, curvy and self-confident

Crunchyness: Strong skin, knacky, but slightly dry tendency

Taste: A delicately tricky flavour-mixture of borage and coriander combined with traditional mustard seeds gives this gurken species a very own and unique flavour. The firm little bumps add an excentric texture to the edgy but flowery flavour.

Spicyness: strong, pikant vinegar

Persistency: About a week (a jarr of 750g)

Pricing: 1,69 Euros

Gurken Ranking: 8 out of 10



Knax Riesen (by Hengstenberg)
aka: “riesig, knackig and würzig”


Size: From 10 – 12 cm length onwards, 4-5 cm diameter

Colour: Pale green with tendency to bleached olive, dark edges

Shape: Massive, trunky, a bit plump but friendly

Crunchyness: Strong, firm, bity

Taste: After the first, slightly watery delusion -i might have been unlucky- these juicy Knax Riesen, with their delicately layered vinegar-mustardseed dressing, tasted themselves – so far! – into my one of my favourite range of gewürzgurken. Bumpy round and full flavour.

Spicyness: Decent vinegar

Persistency: less than a week (a jarr of 1550g)

Gurken Ranking: 7 out of 10

PS: Unfortunately I can only provide a normal knax family picture, (which are tastewise equally good, but smaller) because the jarr is already empty.