Moskauer Gurken (by Kühne)
aka: “pikant würzig, nach russischer Art”


Size: From 5 – 6 cm length onwards, 1,5-2 cm diameter

Colour: yellowish green tip leading to luscious meadow, salamander pattern
Shape: elegant, curvy and self-confident

Crunchyness: Strong skin, knacky, but slightly dry tendency

Taste: A delicately tricky flavour-mixture of borage and coriander combined with traditional mustard seeds gives this gurken species a very own and unique flavour. The firm little bumps add an excentric texture to the edgy but flowery flavour.

Spicyness: strong, pikant vinegar

Persistency: About a week (a jarr of 750g)

Pricing: 1,69 Euros

Gurken Ranking: 8 out of 10


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