Gurkentopf (by Giggles)
aka: Gherkins


Size: From 7 – 8 cm length onwards, up to 2 cm diameter

Colour: Eel green, but cute yellow-stripy tip

Shape: “beerbelly” tendency, sad (unlike their name), even and bumpless surface

Crunchyness: Floppy, soft

Taste: If there is any flavour to taste out, it is definitely vinegar, and an apparantly cheap one. It might do some favour to the little delicious silver onions, but unfortunately not to the poor gherkins. Soaked with the harsh liquid, they splash it out all over the place with the first bite. Mind your environment!

Spicyness: Penetrant, mouth pulling vinegar

Persistency: Longer than a week (a jarr of 1550g)

Pricing: 1,19 Euros

Gurken Ranking: 3 out of 10


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