Thoughtographic Researches: Related literature

The Dream Detective, Sax Rohmer
→ Photographing the invisible, James Coates
→ Phantasmagoria, Marina Warner
→ The mysterious world of Ted Serios, Jules Eisenbud
→ Researches in the Phenomena of Spiritualism , William Crookes
→ Camera Lucida, Roland Barthes
→ Clairvoyance and Thoughtography, T. Fukurai
Chronicles of the photographs of spiritual beings and phenomena invisible to the material eye, Giorgiana Houghton
Spirit photography, Pamphlet, A. C. Doyle
→ Jenseits von licht und Schatten, Rolf H. Krauss
Beyond the Spectrum, Cyril Permutt
→ Field Guide to spirit photography, Dale Kaczmarek
→ The Guidebook for the Study of psychical research, Robert H. Ashby
Encyclopedia for Psychic Science, Nandor Fodor
Sight Unseen, Bryan Magee and Martin Milligan
→ Veroniques Schweisstücher, Michel Tournier
→ Lehrbuch der Fotochemie, Alfred Benrath
Telepathy and Thought Transference
→Telepathie, Hellsehen und Psychokinese. Aufsätze zur Parapsychologie, Hans Bender
→PSI und Psyche, Eine Festschrift für Hans Bender
Human Atmosphere or the Aura Made Visible by the aid of Chemical Screens
→ Odisch magnetische Briefe, C.F. von Reichenbach
→ Bilder aus dem Reich der Toten, Die paranormalen Experimente des Klaus Schreiber

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