Katier presents: Star Shots Magazines

Katier is very happy to have been invited by infamous occulto magazine to join their desk at MISS READ – The Berlin Art Book Fair from 19th – 22th of September! Two new editions of my freshly printed Star Shots Magazines and my self are looking forward to meeting you at the occulto magazine desk!

MISS READ will be hosted by abc – art berlin contemporary for the second year, after taking place at KW Institute for Contemporary Art for the previous three years.

abc art berlin contemporary
Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6
10963, Berlin

Opening hours
Thursday, 19.9.2013, 12-9pm
Friday, 20.9.2013, 12–7 pm
Saturday, 21.9.2013, 12–7 pm
Sunday, 22.9.2013, 12–7 pm

Free Entry



OUT NOW: Occulto issue e


The metaporphosis is complete.
Occulto is now a biannual publication with its own ISSN.

Meet the Popular Republic of Photosynthesis.
Learn how thin and blurry the boundary between living and inanimate can be.
Read challenging reflections about our interpretation of the theory of evolution.
Discover how cleverly Queen Dido took advantage of the isoperimetric problem.
Watch gossip stars morphed into Poltergeist.
Download the second great selection of music compiled by Onga (Boring Machines)

… And more!

Katier presents: ‘Star Shots’ Pocket Photobook by AGLU

Katier is very pleased to announce the publication of her very first and brand new pocket photobook ‘Star Shots’ in happy collaboration with AGLU!
Check out the AGLU website and buy your copy now!!


Following on from the success of our Strange Days and The Air Was Full of Promises books by Adam Geary in July 2012, Aglu is delighted to announce the publication of two new books and allied set of photographs.

Star Shots by Kathrin Günter, investigates the cult of the female celebrity serviced by paparazzi imagery and asks vital questions about those that ‘capture’ and use such images and of the ‘captured’. Kathrin is a German photographer/artist based in Berlin.

Berlinoir by Sebastian Klug, takes us on an atmospheric journey through the nightlife of Berlin. Using a mobile phone, Sebastian is able to recreate the energy and vibrancy of his nocturnal encounters in these colourful and ghost like images. Sebastian is a German photographer based in Berlin.


Aglu provides a breathing space for new work and ideas. Swimming under the mainstream, it raises its head through our pocket photobooks and presents a range of new work that will hopefully take your breath away. Our philosophy is to provide high quality books and original photographs at affordable prices.

Aglu publishes photography and alongside the books, sells limited edition original prints from the books. Our books are distributed through a limited number of bookshops and can be viewed and purchased online at the BOOKS section of this website. The photographs are available through the PHOTOGRAPHS section of the website.

The Dream Detective


Thoughts are things, Mr. Coram. If I might spend a night here – upon the very spot of floor where the poor conway fell – I could from the surrounding atmosphere (it is a sensitive plate) recover a picture of the thing in his mind – indicating Conway – at the last! (…)

What is it, continued the weird old man, but the odic force, the ether – say it how you please – which carries the wireless message, the lightening? It is a huge, subtile sensitive plate. Inspiration, what you call bad luck and good luck – all are but refelections from it. The supreme thought preceding death is imprinted on the surrounding atmosphere like a photograph. I have trained this to reproduce those photographs!

Excerpt from The Dream Detective, 1925 by Sax Rohmer, Double Day Edition

Thoughtographic Researches: Related literature

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→ Photographing the invisible, James Coates
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→ The mysterious world of Ted Serios, Jules Eisenbud
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Chronicles of the photographs of spiritual beings and phenomena invisible to the material eye, Giorgiana Houghton
Spirit photography, Pamphlet, A. C. Doyle
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Telepathy and Thought Transference
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→PSI und Psyche, Eine Festschrift für Hans Bender
Human Atmosphere or the Aura Made Visible by the aid of Chemical Screens
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→ Bilder aus dem Reich der Toten, Die paranormalen Experimente des Klaus Schreiber