Kabinet For Thoughtography: Experimental Exhibition Project



The exhibition project Kabinet For Thoughtography is having its own space now. The site is still under development, but will be regularily updated and outdated, added and substracted underlayered and overlayered…

The proposed exhibition aimes to reveal and bring to light throughout a very experimental and strictly artistic approach nowadays unknown or long forgotten thoughtographic researches of the 19th and 20th century. It further seeks to break open their scientific shell and allow new and different perspectives, playful possibilities and directions.

This exhibition is a hidden, interactive installation, an experimental kabinet and laborint of thoughtographic exposure. Secretely embedded in a setting that reminds of the aesthetics of the british television series The Avengers, the concept of the exhibion foresees different interweaving layers. Laborint, Limbo and Lichtung. An eye catching camouflage for a rather delicate if not invisible content.

Any invitiations to a physical exhibition space, or possible integrations of parts of it into already existing structures or concepts are very welcome! The infinitely revised german and english version of the proposal will be hopefully soon ready…

Its new home winkerwatson.com was made possible thanks to the new and wonderful webtool hotglue.me!