In preparation to my upcoming workshop in FFM I returned to the developer tray in my darkroom. On the menu today: 2 cents, 5 cents, 20 cents, fingertips and developer. Counting up to 10 minutes two coins were pressed with my fingertips onto the sensitive side of photographic paper directly in the developer tray.

In another experiment that will be revealed tomorrow, a copper engraving of London was exposed to sunlight for a day, and is now resting nicely wrapped and – hopefully exposing its image – in the shade of two sheets of photographic paper.

The Fog II – Odic negative

Another series of experiments using the little water mister. With an exposure time of 1 hour focusing the ever ascending mist into the sunlight, several layers of photographic paper ( I mounted 2 x 4 sheets on top of each other at the back of the pinhole camera), revealed after processing the imagery below.

The Odic Fingerprint – Condensation

The first series of experiments concerned with the revelation of the odic fingerprint uses water condensation. The set up still needs to be refined though, but below you can get a rough insight of the experimental situation: Pinhole Camera, studio light, cooking ring, water, a pan and a very provisional see-through condensation enclosure.

While condensation slowly fills the air with its tiny water drops, emphasized through the studio lighting, the camera captures with an exposure of 45 minutes (still too little time, as the subtle result has shown) the odic fingerprint of the atmosphere.

The Odic Fingerprint – Thoughts are Things

They destroy the clumsy tools of their crime; they hide away the knife, the bludgeon; they sop up the blood, they throw it the jemmy, the dead man, the suffocated poor infant, into the ditch, the pool- and they leave intact the odic negative, the photograph of their sin, the thought thing in the air! He would tap his yellow brow significantly.

Here upon this sensitive sensitive plate I reproduce it, the hanging evidence! The headless child is buried in the garden, but the thought of the beheader is left to lie about. I pick it up.(..) What an art is the art of the odic photograph.

(Moris Klaw)

My latest experiments playfully try to reveal the odic fingerprint in reference to the above quoted odic negative: Long time observations through the pin eye of my newly built camera and direct exposures onto/off the surrounding atmosphere made visible through smoke, steam, condensing water, fire and ice.

Above is one of the first results. A 45 minutes recording of boiling water, patiently condensing and water brushing its tiny drops into the air.

Unfortunately, an uninvited guest has set himself just in front of the film holder and covered 3/4 of the image. I will never know what is hiding behind it. Still, the visible result is intriguing. I am looking forward to publish further airy experiments and their respective results soon!

Psychogeophysics Summit Suffolk: The Odic Negative II

Throughout the weeks long psychogeophysics summit we have been investigating the wolve pit of Woolpit, where the alleged Green Children came to light after their odyssey through the shadows of St. Martins Land.

Exposure time: about 2 minutes
Environment: wood, moose, leaves

Psychogeophysics Summit Suffolk: The Odic Negative

Last week, katier has been invited to the psychogeophysics summit in suffolk to expose the odic negative of different environments. Here are the first results:

Rendleshem Forest.
Exposure Time: Monday 14.00 until Saturday 16.00
Environment: earth, birch trees, leaves