Thoughtgraphic Experiments: SpyMirror-InstantImage-Pinhole-ChineseBox-Kamera



Another experiment using light.

This time I customised a little case that formerly gave home to a chinese handmirror. I enlarged the focal length about 12 cm, covered the pinhole on the front with another sample spy mirror and attached an instant filmholder on the back. (Images of the camera will follow soon).

The Fuji FP 3000B is a kind of traditional instant film that uses the so called separation process. The result is always a negative and a positive. Strangely enough in this case, I got, as you may see in the results above, two positives of the same image. The only difference is, that the alleged negative is brighter and rather greyish but also: Only the little spotty line at the bottom indicates its negativeness. No other blacks or whites in the image got inverted. And then: Who are these dots anyway?

The second sitting, as you can see below shows the normal positive-negative behaviour: