Psychogeophysics Summit – More results

Over the next few days I will upload more results of the psychogeophysics summit. Here are three thoughtographies exposed throughout four days on Point Hill in Greenwich, attached to a tree. Point Hill was the ending location – our dark heart – of the Dark heart of Codeness walk .






Thoughtography – Hippolyte Baraduc


During a procession in Lourdes round 1909, a photographic dry plate was placed light tight sealed in front of the Marienstatue. Hippolyte Baraduc called the results of his experiments to capture the invisible Iconographies.

Source: Jenseits von Licht und Schatten, by Rolf H. Krauss, Jonas Verlag 1992

Thoughtographic Experiments – Results

The first image shows nine pieces (about 1x1cm each) of black and white photographical paper that I integrated in my ring yesterday.


The second one is the result of an enveloped photographic paper, that I gave into the hands of my friend Crystal, to take along with her on a trip to a magical healer.

During the healing session, the envelope stayed on a table next to her, and the process took 45 minutes.

Most interesting, that during the developing process in my darkroom, i could see the image getting stronger, – which is normal – but at a certain point I had the impression, that it would fade away again, and i quickly had to end the developing process to not loose it entirely.