Katier shows: Haunted Hollywood, Poltergeist Paparazzi & Ghostly Glitterati

The hoax continues. Kathrin Günter is back! Though she has been noticeably absent from the Gossip Press for quite a while now, a close insider source reveals, that she’s finally returned,
eager and ready to haunt Hollywoods’ Celebrity Scene with yet another eerie escapade.

„After 5 years on/off gossip due to various ventures into rather occult territories, far beyond the red carpet, Kathrin Günter is apparently celebrating her Comeback to the tabloid papers with some new and devilish or rather double tricks to play within the celeb’s glamour world,“ according to our source. „Unlike the years before, she prefers to be out of the spotlight, and hides herself away behind the conspiratorial curtains of her Celebrity Darkroom,“ as the spooky gossip cutie calls it herself.

„Day-in-day-out she barricades herself behind the walls of her shady chateau, sees nobody but her closest circle of friends and barely leaves her luxurious mansion in Mittecito. She’s already planned it all. She’s also fed up being in the spotlight” the source reveals. “That’s why she is hiding her self away in her darkroom cabinet.”

Back in the year 2000 Günter already sucessfully whirlwinded through the celeb scene, on and off the red carpet, haunted the media in blurry and rather grainy cameos, irritated with self-staged dubious derailings; totally shameless, cool calculated, and recklessly retouched!
With her second coup, under the banner of the infamous topline ‘Star Shots – The Hot Mess Hall of Shame’, Kathrin Günter slips into characters of certain trainwrecks like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears or Paris Hilton; roles she says she didn’t have to dig too deep to relate to.

“Living in the public eye, dealing with the stress of what other people say, whether it’s true or not,” she said in a Lifetime promotional clip. “I personally understand them because you’re living your life for everyone to see and people are growing with you. You get to a point where you become numb to it, and you just live your life in that way you feel you need to live it.”

As for her latest plot, so the source, „Kathrin Günter is holding secret seances in her Celebrity Darkroom, to conjure and literally catch the alleged ‘doubles’ or ‘doppelgaenger’ of some carefully selected and especially mediumistically skilled celeb’ stars.“ „It is said, reveals the source, „that she refers to the rather rakish routines of a certain William H. Mumler or Frederick A. Hudson, two of the most infamous Gossip Paparazzi of the 19th century.“

„During these secret spiritual seances, the prominent double gets separated from its original physical body to be able to move about in space independently. Once fully materialised, it is ready to get exposed, developed and fixed onto something what is called ‘light sensitive emulsion of silver gelatine’, in the very Celebrity Darkroom.“

Recent reports reveal, according to our source, that it happened already more than once, that the dubious double doesn’t seem to return to his original body and indulges in its newly gained freedom. Taken for the original celebrity, the paparazzi,as usual, flash their cameras blindly upon these evil twins.

The real dimension of this hilarious Hollywood hoax has yet to be announced, but we have collected already a few statements of some of the affected victims:

„At first glance I always think, that this is me on these pictures…
but I know, that I am prettier. Yes, I created this persona, but I know
that I am entirely different to her.“ Victoria Beckham

„I can’t believe how professional and down-to-earth I look. My double is
even more beautiful than me.“ Paris Hilton

„I’m not caught up in any of it. It’s not really part of my life.“
Nicole Kidman

„I am totally upset and very jealous of all the attention she gets.“
Britney Spears

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In preparation to my upcoming workshop in FFM I returned to the developer tray in my darkroom. On the menu today: 2 cents, 5 cents, 20 cents, fingertips and developer. Counting up to 10 minutes two coins were pressed with my fingertips onto the sensitive side of photographic paper directly in the developer tray.

In another experiment that will be revealed tomorrow, a copper engraving of London was exposed to sunlight for a day, and is now resting nicely wrapped and – hopefully exposing its image – in the shade of two sheets of photographic paper.

Star Shots III – The Go-Between: The Double

Double, etheric counterpart of the physical body which, when out of coincidence, may temporarily move about in space in comparative freedom and appear in various degrees of density to others. The belief in the existence of the double, or astral body, is age old, its acceptance as a working hypothesis solves many a puzzling problem in psychical research.
Nandor Fodor, Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science 1966

Image from the series Star Shots III – The Go-between

Star Shots III – The Go-between

Of what is called spirit photography it is impossible to doubt that such photographs have been honestly produced or obtained by Sir Wm. Crookes, Mr. Traill Taylor, Mr. Glendinning, Rev. Stainton Moses, Madame d’Esperance, and others. They are of three main classes: (1) Portraits of living discarnate beings or spirits; (2) Pictures or effigies or lay figures, often very incomplete, and not necessarily human-like; (3) Reproductions of physical pictures, or other objects.

(D.B. M’Lachlan, in the Journal of the S.P.R., Feb. 1900, p. 185)
Excerpt from: Photographing The Invisible – Practical studies in supernormal photography, script, and other allied phenomena by James Coates, 1911, p. 16

Of what is called paparazzi photography it is impossible to doubt that such photographs have been honestly produced or obtained. They are of three main classes: (1) Portraits of living discarnate beings or spirits; (2) Pictures or effigies or lay figures, often very incomplete, and not necessarily human-like; (3) Reproductions of physical pictures, or other objects.

Below are some of quite a few exposures achieved in my darkroom experiments over the weekend. For now, I will call them The apparitions of Vic.

Star Shots III

Another spirit celeb’ materialised herself in my darkroom cabinet today. As I mentioned in an earlier post the long announced Star Shots III series is slowly shaping into a rather ghostly series of images through a somehow mysterious agent.

The scan of the original hand proof (b/w baryt paper) below resembles rather strongly a certain Queen B.

Star Shots III – The go-between

For now I cannot reveal how the spirit of living celeb’ star J. exposed herself on my photographic paper (image below), but I do sense quite strongly, that she won’t be the only apparition in my darkroom cabinet.

With the new series, Star Shots III will gradually expose the subtle agent mediating closely between the spirit and the celebrity world.