And Soon the Darkness

Director: Robert Fuest (1970)



Lying in the sun and dreaming of her dishy dark haired flirt (Sandor Eles) is obviously more the kind of holiday that Cathy (Michele Dotrice) had in mind, when she and Jane (Pamela Franklin) planned their bicycle trip through the French countryside. Not for Jane though, and she impatiently decides to follow their thoroughly mapped out route without her lazy friend, as there are still a lot of miles to drive before the darkness.

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The Devil Doll

Director: Lindsay Shonteff (1964)



Ventrioloquist and Grand Hypnotiseur Vorelli is introducing a replica doll (Katier) of his wife-to-be Marianne (Yvonne Romaine) to Hugo, unaware that his – for good reasons – well locked up little friend is preparing some quite irritating plot against his viciously mesmerizing Master.

seen at: pickledfeet private videothek

Katier Shows: 10.08.2007


Curated by Patricia Caspari:

Making Up

Is the world what we make it out to be? Is what we see nothing but our own perception of the world, or even someone else’s borrowed perception of it?

Brave new world or good old world—the Making Up exhibit explores the ways in which we me make up our worlds.

Making Up: “beautifying, embellishing,” but also “imagining, fantasizing, creating.” Curator Patricia Caspari showcases here five artists whose works play with the meanings of the term. Whether alluding to the creation of new imaginary worlds or to the prettifying of an individual, the included artists reflect on various world views without taking an explicit stance on them. They give the beholder enough space for associations of his own.

Opening, 10th of August, 6pm

Gallery artMbassy
Anna Louisa Karsch Strasse 7
10178 Berlin – Mitte