Thoughtography – Telepathy



These are the results of the second experiment exploring telepathic projections onto photosensitive materials. The first image is a close up from the influenced photographic paper, the second one is the negative side of the instant film, as the positive is too subtle to be scanned. Also the photographic paper had to be zoomed about 200% to be able to reveal the tiny stars covering the entire sheet.

Kabinett for thoughtography and intraocular lights

I would like to publish the results of two artists, who have been experimenting with my “thoughtographic device” at a show “Wach sind nur die Geister” in Dortmund, Phoenix Halle:


Barbara Breitenfellner, Exposure ca. 15 minutes, Polaroid 667, black and white, 3000 ASA


Sam Ashley, Exposure ca. 15 minutes, Polaroid 667, black and white, 3000 ASA

Light Unseen – Workshop Results

Beside various experiments throughout last saturdays workshop about thoughtography, including projections and concentration onto different photographic materials, testing phosphoric influences and eye-kamera construction, the heartpiece of the day was the revelation of an overnight and long distance telepathic projection experiment with Lindsay Brown, artist and researcher, currently based in Dundee in Scotland.

Three different photographic devices were prepared and assembled in the darkroom kabinett: a polaroid land camera, loaded with a Fuji FP-3000 b instant film, a sealed sheet of photographic paper and a little piece of an Ilford 3200 ASA photographic film.

While the Ilford filmstrip remained unexposed and didn’t show any result, the Fuji instant film and the photographic paper did indeed.

I pulled out the first polaroid and it came out snow white, which means that it got completely overexposed:


Fuji FP-3000 b – 1

I pulled out the follow-up image, just as I always do to test the film.
This is the result:


Fuji FP-3000 b – 2

Afterwards I developed the paperprint in the darkroom:


Adox easy print 312

The scratches and fingerprints are from me during the developing process, as the paper is very fragile, but the round shape in the upper center of the image came out after ca. 3 minutes of developing time.

My next focus will be on gathering thoughts, reflections and speculations about how the photographic material could get influenced and exposed. I can feel already, that this not going to be easy at all. But as I have been experimenting with thoughtography now for quite a while in a very practical way, it is time to find some words and theories to accompany the images.

Meanwhile, Lindsay and me will continue to experiment within the field of telepathic projections.

Katier at pickledfeet: Workshop – Light Unseen, 10th October 09, 2 pm


Thought is a radiant, creative, almost material power, the fiat lux of
the bible. During the process of thinking, the soul turns the atoms of
the brain into waves and makes its phosphor glow. With concentrating
ones thought onto any object with simple outlines, like a bottle for
example, the fluidic thought image will be forced out through the eyes
to expose itself through the power of its glow onto the photographic
plate. The result is a photographic image.

[Louis Darget, 1911]

In “Light Unseen” participants will try, throughout a variety of
thoughto-photographic experiments, to focus, force, project and
possibly expose thoughts onto photosensitive materials.

All necessary materials, including photographic emulsion, chemicals,
film, paper and polaroid will be provided. Containers or devices may be
constructed here or welcome to be brought along.

Thoughts are welcome. Results cannot be promised.

No experience required.

Cost: €10 per participant (this includes materials, and food)

Please email to reserve a place (strictly limited)
_____-micro_research, pickledfeet, Linienstrasse 54, Berlin 10119

U2, Rosa-Luxemburg-Pl.
U8, Rosenthaler Pl.