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Witness to murder (1954) by Roy Rowland
aka: Zeugin des Mordes


For the police this case is an easy one: because there is no case. This poor woman Cheryl Draper (Barbara Stanwyck) must have suffered of hallucinations and than got possibly carried away by her confused womenly phantasies, when she witnessed honourable writer and opposite neighbour Albert Rethi brutally strangling to death a young woman. And on top of all she even dares to accuse him of threatening and stalking her. Just as well that eventually her miserable and hopeless situation of helplessness and despair gets her the sympathies of the investigating police inspector Lawrence Matthews (Gary Merrill)….

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The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1974) by Alan Gibson
aka: Dracula Is Alive and Well and Living in London


It can’t be easy to keep a restless bunch of chained vampire beauties satisfied at the same time, so no surprises, that the thirsty ladies are more than happy about anybody who gets lost in their dark chamber. But obviously they didn’t count with old vampire expert Professor Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) and his professional team, nor did their undestroyable famous keeper count Dracula (Christopher Lee), glossing his teeth already to see his vicious plan accomplished for once and for all.

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Don’t open ’til christmas (1984) by Edmund Purdom


Inspector Harris (Edmund Purdom) has to wait until christmas, – which means for us until the end of the film of course -, to unwrap the anonymously delivered present, even if its generous donator reveals his identity – at least for the sherlocks amongst us – a lot earlier. But somehow, apart from the fact, that in the end Harris almost forgets about the present, (me included), he doesn’t even seem to want to unwrap the Santa Claus killing frenzy in a jolly prechristmas London town, wich provokes the daughter of one of the unfortunate Santa Clauses – Kate (Belinda Mayne) – to make her own successfull but deadly investigations.

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1. Modesty Blaise
2. Alice in Wonderland
3. Film before Film
4. La Prisonnière
5. Marquis de Sade: Justine

Modesty Blaise (1966) by Joseph Losey


Modesty Blaise (Monica Vitti), always one step ahead to the ultimate screams in fashion and of course (!) virtuously advancing the steps of her numerous enemies, nevertheless gets trapped in one of the giant champaign glasses of Gabriel (Dirk Bogarde), platin headed and softened twin brother of Dr. No. Obviously G. and his vicious man eating company Mrs. Fothergill (Rosella Falk) will burn his naughty long fingers, as he is playing with a very precious toy which doesn’t belong to him, but to Modesty’s father of choice Sheik Abu Tahir (Clive Revill), who, with his mounted army, crosses seven seas – to claim back his properties.


Alice in Wonderland (1966) by Jonathan Miller


Twinkle twinkle little bat!
How i wonder what you’re at!
Up above the world you fly,
like a teatray in the sky.

Alice (Ann-Marie Mallik) charmingly unbrushed but brushed, wonders bored and nine times clever through her world behind the looking glass.



Film before Film: What Really Happened Between the Images? (1986) by Werner Nekes


The smaller the pinhole the sharper the image.

German filmmaker and artist Werner Nekes allows us a very sharp inspection through the pinhole of his magic trick box containing endless visual plays and pleasures before film was born.


La Prisonnière (1968) by Henri-Georges Clouzot


Josée (Elisabeth Wiener), first reluctantly but soon completely caught by the intimidating but intriguing activities of her husbands’ (Bernard Fresson) friend and art gallerist Stan (Laurent Terzieff), falls deeply into the labyrinth of love, which far too soon and unexpectedly shuts both: entrance and exit.


Marquis de Sade: Justine (1968) by Jess Franco


Young and innocent Justine (Romina Power) finds herself lost and alone in the naughty streets of Paris after the death of her father and her elder sisters’ Juliette (Maria Bohm) admission to a brothel. But soon enough she will be taken good care of by many selfish and merely helping hands escorting her on her long and painful search for happiness.

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Paganini horror (1989) by Luigi Cozzi
aka: Il Violino che uccide, Der Blutgeiger von Venedig


Lead singer Kate (Jasmine Maimone) and her groovy girl rock band learned their lesson. Unfortunately too late, i guess. Don’t buy ideas with money...or was it don’t sell yourself for money? Anyway, good old Mr. Pickett (Donald Pleasance) and his experienced asisstant Sylvia Hackett (Daria Nicolodi), – as a little girl she killed her mother in the bathtub with a hairdryer – won’t give up to missionate all these greedy, greedy people. In the name of Paganini? Scusi?


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Hysteria (1965) by Freddie Francis


Christopher Smith is the name they gave him (Robert Webber). He is a man without any memory, they are the people who look after him: Helping and understanding Dr. Keller (Anthony Newlands), lovely nurse Gina (Jennifer Jayne), and glamerous Denise James (Lelia Goldoni). But what happened??? Who are they??? What do they want??? When did he loose his memory??? Why does he see things nobody else seems to see??? And where the hell are all these voices coming from ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Mausoleum (1983) Michael Dugan


The gardener is always the murderer. Well, maybe he (Maurice Sherbanee) is not going to be punished for any murder in this case, but he certainly will be accused for penetrantly chopping pure air on his chopping trunk in the middle of the garden. It might be, that somebody just forgot to place some wood while being distracted by the lightly dressed lady of the house (Bobby Bresee) ?

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The Haribo Computer – Software

Gimp – Image Editor


Look: First impression, judged under the influence of nearly 10 years lazy photoshopping: curly, messy and a bit clumsy but happy, colourful and quite friendly

Smell: Intensively fruity, flowery

After the first stubborn chewyness, (biting off the tentacles first) it gets smoother and I slowly find my way through the unknown labirynth between surface and inside. The slippery ingredients are difficult to make out as they are very different to my former environment, but eventually I can feel some surprisingly new and pleasant textures. After chewing and curling it round and round I leave it melting on the tongue a bit longer than necessary, – the little loose and scattered bits join slowly together into a nearly smooth and comprehensive jelly.

Very sweet surface, the deeper I chew the more sour it gets.

Some bits might stick in my teeth for quite a while, but hopefully that will only safe the juicy taste a bit longer.