Spy Mirror – Back in -|- to the Light


Spy mirrors are half transparent glas mirrors. Given certain light conditions it is possible to see through the mirror from one side – a darkroom – and to see your reflection from the other side – a bright room. This is caused by the extremely thin coating of the reflection layer, that reduces the transmissibility to about 8 or 9 percent.

Step 1: In this experiment I placed a photographic paper behind the spy mirror and sealed it with a black light tight cardboard from behind. I exposed the mirror to my face under daylight circumstances for about half a minute. Reflection and absorbtion. I am standing in the light and naturally I see my own reflection, whereas the photographic paper, the spy, sits in the darkroom and observes the other side, me. It is not only observing me, but with the observing process it absorbs the little light that the thin mirror coating leeks through which at the same time exposes the paper.

Reflection and absorbtion, all witnessed by the spy behind the mirror.

Step 2: Processing the photographic paper.

Step 3: Blow up the received image – which turned out to be black, of course – to my maximum possibilities, and search for clues.

In my prior thoughtographic experiments I have always been stricly excluding natural light not to overexpose the fragile visible signs of thoughts, assuming that the light might be too powerful. Now i am trying to use this very light as a possible carrier maybe to find some clues about the invisible made visible in the very darkness of overexposure.

Thoughtograpy: Mirror, mirror


A collection of different handmirrors, coated with Liquid Light, a photoemulsion. The coated mirror will be exposed to light and will constantly absorb – without any hiding- the reflections and projections of the onlookers. As the coating of the emulsion leaves the mirror somehow blurry or seemingly blind, it appearantly denies its purpose. The constant light exposure provokes a constant change of the emulsion until its supersaturation, – a very subtle process though, that remains invisible and unnoticeable to the viewer. The image within the emulsion may only be revealed throughout processing, which will never happen.

Thoughtographic Experiments

Today I placed several sheets of photographic paper, sealed in two layers of black, light tight envelopes, that I always use for my experiments, behind especially chosen carriers in the studio. A Mirror, A Painting and A Book. For a period of one week, these sensitive creatures will be hidden, absorbing witnesses of all activities around here. Alleged secrets will be brought to light throughout developing processes next Monday, the 22nd of Februray.

1. Mirror



2. Painting


3. Book



Kabinet For Thoughtography: Experimental Exhibition Project



The exhibition project Kabinet For Thoughtography is having its own space now. The site is still under development, but will be regularily updated and outdated, added and substracted underlayered and overlayered…

The proposed exhibition aimes to reveal and bring to light throughout a very experimental and strictly artistic approach nowadays unknown or long forgotten thoughtographic researches of the 19th and 20th century. It further seeks to break open their scientific shell and allow new and different perspectives, playful possibilities and directions.

This exhibition is a hidden, interactive installation, an experimental kabinet and laborint of thoughtographic exposure. Secretely embedded in a setting that reminds of the aesthetics of the british television series The Avengers, the concept of the exhibion foresees different interweaving layers. Laborint, Limbo and Lichtung. An eye catching camouflage for a rather delicate if not invisible content.

Any invitiations to a physical exhibition space, or possible integrations of parts of it into already existing structures or concepts are very welcome! The infinitely revised german and english version of the proposal will be hopefully soon ready…

Its new home winkerwatson.com was made possible thanks to the new and wonderful webtool hotglue.me!