Katier shows: Occulto Fest 12 -13th March


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La Gioiosa Macchina da Guerra in collaboration with AC Galerie and
Occulto announce

A two day festival. A series of sound performances. A video screening. A

12-13 March 2011

Lychener Straße 60


Preview of THIRD PILL – Episode 2 – Curated by Alice Cannava (AC Galerie)
SAT 12 March: h 8 pm
SUN 13 March: h 9.30 pm

Meris Angioletti – “Night Shifts” (2005)
Alessio delli Castelli – “Marry! Marry!” (2008)
Condominium – “U.S.O. Unidentified Submerged Objects”
Bill Dolson – “Storms” (2009 – ongoing)
[epidemiC] – “Loveletter.vbs reading” (2001)
Jon Fawcett – “Common Star” (2005)
Kathrin Günter – “Cabinet for Thoughtography” (2008-ongoing)
Jeff Mann – “Apparition Apparatus” (1999)
Roy Menahem Markovich – “Untitled”
Sandro Pizzichelli – “HG” (2008)
Marcel Türkowsky & Elise Florenty – “Pendulum Report” (2009-2011)

SOUND PERFORMANCES Curated by Federica Rossella aka DuChamp

SAT 12 March: h 9pm
Preslav Literary School
Thomas Zunk
TestCard – Brainmachine
Miguel Negrão
Fausto Maijstral
Roi Poingi
Paulo Chinatown

SUN 13 March: h 8pm
Rinus Van Alebeek
Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky

Martin Howse & Martin Kuenz – “Detection”
Workshop fee: 30 euros – subscriptions here: info.occultofest@gmail.com
Sat 12 + Sun 13 / h 11.30-19

STATEMENT (for those who read)
At the end of the 1970s Sam Wagstaff put together an extensive collection of photos taken between 1870 and the 1930s, including Mumler’s ghost portraits, Kirlian’s experiments, Darget’s “thoughts photographic pictures” and other pioneering photographer’s works attempting to demonstrate the reality of certain supernatural phenomena. These pictures, beside the historical and ethnographic interest, are strongly suggestive abstract pieces, and Wagstaff explained that the he had collected them to satisfy his own desire to contemplate and explore the “pleasure to see, as when we see people dancing from a window”.
With somehow similar hopes and fears, several people tried to start a communication within a non-human dimension, experiment known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), voice-like sounds not resulting from intentional voice recordings or renderings. They have been claimed to derive either from paranormal events, or from a kind of materializing of the subconscious (apophenia, or auditory pareidolia), or to be simply hoaxes.
In his short novel It Belongs to the Cucumbers, William Burroughs traces a similitude between his own writing technique of cut-up and Raudive’s “ghost voices” recordings, intentionally creating a mysterious aura around the subconscious process of creativity. Acousmatic music could be seen to be treading the same path; and maybe the same could be said for most creative exploration.
Artistic and musical research often brings results that are surprising not only for the viewer/listener, but also for the artist as well. Unexpected changes, distortions and deviations are a lively part of any creative and intellectual process; but sometimes they are also intentionally part of the project from the beginning.
In his debut as a director Shadows, John Cassavetes let the actors free to improvise on a scenario, something accustomed in the Italian Comedy of Art, but quite unusual in Hollywood. Besides exploring the issue of interracial relationships in a very simple and enlightened way, he also offers one of the best family rows in the history of cinema.

Occulto Fest involves artists and musicians that often focus on unusual, creative and diverted ways to collect and use
data, be they recorded sounds, scientific data, legends, computer programming languages, novels, circuits or images
found on the web. But this is not the full story; they also do so with wit, utilising well developed skills and with the criticaland challenging approach which has always been the best part of any DIY philosophy.
Occulto Fest proposes an exploration of something between scientific experimentation, wonder, hoax, subconscious suggestions and physical reality, using music, videos and other media.

Alice Cannava + Federica Rossella

AC Galerie + Occulto Magazine
Talstrasse 3
13189 Berlin

The Traveling Envelope: Berlin-London-Berlin


This is the story of an envelope inhabited by three sheets of photographic paper that I send to my friend Masumi in London. As part of our thoughtographic experiments she took the envelope on a journey out and about london to let it absorb its ever changing environment including thoughts, smells, tastes, sounds etc. Tomorrow I will develop the three travellers and I am very curious what will come out! Thank you Masumi!

Katier Shows: AC Gallery Berlin


AC Galerie + Occulto Magazine present

Episode One: Printed Matters + Music

29 October 2010
7 pm – 0 am

First selection of publications
Focusing on unique issues and side-projects

Occulto collaborated with:
Case da disabitare (Italy)
Non Amarmi (Italy)

is glad to present and support:
RAWRAW Edizioni (Italy)

loves and recommends:
_____ -micro research (Germany)
Kathrin Günter(Germany)
I .doc you will (Germany)
Monochrom (Austria)
Multiplex Fiction (Austria)
Waehre Koenige (Austria)

First of a series of concerts
Focusing on experimental sounds

8.30 pm
Fausto Maijstral
(New Zealand, Germany, Italy)

Castle of the Teutonic Knights, Torun – Poland




Above are some photographic results received during the workshop with Mr. Pickledfeet beyond the zero held in Torun a day after the opening of the show at CoCa Awake are only the spirits.

Over night, I placed a sealed envelope of six photographic papers, Adox Easy Print, down in the cellars of the remaining ruins of the Castle of the Teutonic Knights in the very heart of Torun. The next day we developed them in a secret lab of the CoCa Art Centre. The scans are not the best quality, due to a badly behaved scanner, though the projections of whoever are clearly visible…

Katier shows in Torun: Awake are only the spirits – 26.03.2010 – 30.05.2010


26.03.2010 – 30.05.2010
Nie śpią tylko duchy /
Awake are only the spiritsr />
o duchach i ich mediach /
on ghosts and their media

kuratorzy / curated by: Inke Arns & Thibaut de Ruyter

artyści / artists:

Lucas & Jason Ajemian (US), Archiwum anonimowego
obserwatora duchów (DE, kurator: hans w. koch), Sam Ashley (US),
Corinne May Botz (US), Erik Bünger (SE), Damien Cadio (FR), Nina
Fischer/Maroan el Sani (DE), Agne`s Geoffray (FR), Kathrin Günter
(DE), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE), Tim Hecker (CA), Martin Howse
(GB), Międzynarodowe Towarzystwo Nekronautyczne/INS (GB), Friedrich
Jürgenson (SE), Joep van Liefland (NL), Chris Marker (FR), Jorge
Queiroz (PT), Scanner (GB), Jan Peter E.R. Sonntag (DE), Suzanne
Treister (GB)

otwarcie wystawy / exhibition opening:

26 marca, godz. 19.00 / 26th March, 7 PM
27 – 28.03.2010

warsztaty / workshops:

Martin Howse: WV2: Poza zerem / Beyond the Zero

16.00 oprowadzanie kuratorskie / guided tour with the curators
18.00 Erik Bünger: Wykład o schozofonii / Lecture on schizophonia
19.30 koncerty / concerts: Zenial; Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Wystawa, zorganizowana we współpracy z Hartware MedienKunstVerein w
Dortmundzie, gdzie była prezentowana w 2009, jest oparta na archiwum
nagrań Friedricha Jürgensona, który w 1959 roku odkrył tak zwane
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Projekt przybliża historie
duchów, które starają się odpowiedzieć na pytanie dlaczego, przy
całym naszym oświeceniu, ciągle przypisujemy irracjonalne
właściwości nowym mediom i technologiom, jak na przykład
zdolność do przekazywania wiadomości spoza naszego świata.

The Awake Are Only the Spirits exhibition, organized in cooperation
with Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV) in Dortmund where it presented
in 2009, bases on the audio archive of Friedrich Jürgenson who
discovered the so-called Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) in 1959.
The projects reflects upon different ghosts’ stories, questionning
why – despite our faith in the rational – at regular intervals
irrational properties are ascribed to respective new media and
technologies, such as those purportedly serving as channels for
messages from the beyond.

Więcej informacji / More information


Kabinet For Thoughtography: Experimental Exhibition Project



The exhibition project Kabinet For Thoughtography is having its own space now. The site is still under development, but will be regularily updated and outdated, added and substracted underlayered and overlayered…

The proposed exhibition aimes to reveal and bring to light throughout a very experimental and strictly artistic approach nowadays unknown or long forgotten thoughtographic researches of the 19th and 20th century. It further seeks to break open their scientific shell and allow new and different perspectives, playful possibilities and directions.

This exhibition is a hidden, interactive installation, an experimental kabinet and laborint of thoughtographic exposure. Secretely embedded in a setting that reminds of the aesthetics of the british television series The Avengers, the concept of the exhibion foresees different interweaving layers. Laborint, Limbo and Lichtung. An eye catching camouflage for a rather delicate if not invisible content.

Any invitiations to a physical exhibition space, or possible integrations of parts of it into already existing structures or concepts are very welcome! The infinitely revised german and english version of the proposal will be hopefully soon ready…

Its new home winkerwatson.com was made possible thanks to the new and wonderful webtool hotglue.me!

Katier Shows: Casting: Visite Ma Tente – 22/01/10


Visite ma Tente
Schwedenstr 18b
13357 Berlin

Ende Januar wird Visite ma tente in der Schwedenstraße “abgebaut”.
Daher möchten wir Sie gerne zu einer letzten Blitzausstellung einladen, um die letzten 5 Jahre
gemeinsamer Arbeit zusammen zu feiern.


Carla Ahlander | Bettina Allamoda | Guillaume Alimoussa | Michelle Alperin | Nándor Angstenberger | Astrali/Pierce | Joel Bartholomeo | Manon Bellet | Cecile Belmont | Katja Brinkmann | Matthew Burbidge| Nicolas Cilins | Alexine Chanel | Pascal Danz| Stefan Davi | Kane Do | Bruno Dorn | Jürgen Eisenacher | Christel Fetzer | Asi Föcker | Matthias Fritsch | Anne Gathmann | April Gertler | Robert Gfader| Maurus Gmür | Pierre Granoux | Julien Grenier| Sabine Gross | Kathrin Günter | Lise Harvey | Vanessa Henn | Iréne Hug | Sofia Hultén | Hervé Humbert | Peter Jap Lim | Thomas Jocher | Halina Kliem | Wolf von Kries | Käthe Elke Kruse | Simone Lanzenstiel/ Tom Früchtl | Julia Lazarus | Delphine Lefort | Sabina van der Linden | Gerard Mantz | Tatiana Masuric | Matthias Mayer | Karin Müller | Yvonne Paul | Lilla von Puttkammer | Joe Neave | Tere Recarens | Anne Rinn | Martin G. Schmid| Michael Schultze | Ivan Seal | Eva Seufert | Amelia Seymour | Heidi Sill | Catriona Shaw | Assan Smati | Albert Weis | Maya Weyermann | Gernot Wieland | Barbara Wille | Christina Woditschka | Shingo Yoshida | Claudia Zweifel.

Eröffnung Freitag, den 22. Januar 2010

23. – 24. 01. 2010, 16-20 Uhr

Galerie Visite ma tente
Schwedenstraße 18b |13357 berlin
Tel +49 (0) 178 7060247

Marie-josé Ourtilane

U 8 Pankstrasse
U 9 Osloerstrasse
Tram M13, 50

Katier shows: The Red Velvet Curtain Cult presents a late night event at the Whitechapel Art Gallery


The Red Velvet Curtain Cult presents


A late night event at The Whitechapel Art Gallery .

Thursday 3rd December 2009. 7-10pm.


For their Fourth instalment at the Whitechapel Art Gallery the Red Velvet Curtain Cult presents ‘Voyeur’. An evening of gazing, peeking and lurking with live art, installation, films, readings, audio and oddities inspired by the works and processes of Sophie Calle.

Expect to be spied upon, interrogated, stalked, perplexed, entranced & mystified by this evening exploring voyeuristic tendencies. You will find works in the shadows, intimate encounters, information overload, your thoughts laid bare and secrets exposed…

Serenaded by ‘Love Stop Repeat’ & DJ Sy Hackney, compered by Brian Dawn Chalkley.

Riffat Ahmed, Jack Catling, Amanda Castro with the Jeremis Iron Arts Collective, Rebecca Chitty & David King, Tamara Erde, Camila Fiori, Emma Gibson, The Great Antagonist, Kathrin Günter, Gabo Guzzo, Poppy Jackson, Mary Beth Morossa, Marianna & Daniel O’Reilly, Simon Raven, Alexa Reid, Sarah Ruff, Alexandra Santos, Nicola Singh, Folie a Trois, Richard Webb, Kate Wiggs, Sonya Chenery & Joanna Austin, Andy Wood, Nicola Woodham & Robin Bale

Curated by Lili Spain and Sarah Grainger-Jones.