Katier shows: International Teletext Art Festival




An exhibition in ARD Hauptstadtstudio exhibition space in Berlin

The festival opens on August 15th in Berlin at the ARD Hauptstadtstudio exhibition space were the ITAF works will be displayed untill the 15th September and continues in Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo with some program. The following day ITAF continues with a Teletext Cocktailparty in Musterzimmer Showroom for Contemporary Art. > info on opening program, schedule and locations

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

Teletext, first invented some 30 years ago, utilizes the “vertical blanking interval” lines that together form the dark band dividing pictures horizontally on the television screen. Technically it has remained almost unchanged until recently when TV became digital. Teletext being an amazing success story still attracts millions of visitors daily for the latest news headlines, weather reports or sports results.

The potential of Teletext as an tool for artistic expression has not yet been fully discovered though the aesthetics of Teletext have slowly creeped in to the most fashionable street ware, graffiti and fine art. Is the next big word in intellectual small talk of the hip, rich and famous going to be teletextualism? Time will show, but since it happens The International Teletext Art Festival gives the possibility to the Teletext users to decide for themselves.

Participating artists:
LIA, Manuel Knapp, UBERMORGEN, Daniel Egg, Marc Lee, Raquel Meyers, Kathrin Günter, Max Capacity, Dragan Espenschied, Jarkko Räsänen, Seppo Renvall , Juha van Ingen, Cordula Ditz, John Lawrence and Goto80

A group of experts (Paul B. Davis, Voin de Voin and Rosa Menkman) will select one of the participating artists to receive the Teletext Art Prize.You too can vote for your favourite artwork.

ITAF2013 will also be in the program of Ars Electronica Festival , Linz, Austria, 5.9.-9.9.2013

The International Teletext Art Festival is a FixC cooperative project www.fixc.fi made in collaboration with ARD Text www.ard-text.de, ORF TELETEXT teletext.orf.at and Swiss TXT www.teletext.ch.

For more info and PR images contact: Juha van Ingen ITAF / FixC
itaf2013 (at) fixc (dot) com / phone: (+) 358 40 5932694
FixC cooperative Alppikatu 17 LH2 FI-00530 Helsinki www.fixc.fi

The official ITAF2013 opening is in ARD Haupstadtstudio exhibition space 15.8. at 19.00 in ARD-Hauptstadtstudio Wilhelmstraße 67a Berlin-Mitte

Note! Entering to ARD building requires a pre registrtion by sending your name by e-mail to: kommunikation@ard-hauptstadtstudio.de

Remember to bring your ID with you to be sure you get into the building!

The unofficial ITAF2013 opening starts in Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo at 21.00.

You can start at the bar and join us in the Jungle (screening space) to see some Teletext works from 2012 + 80’s style lo-fi Teletext videomix with live sound by FixC + some mod music. Everybody welcome!

Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo
Filmkunst-Videothek & BarReichenberger Str. 133 10999 Berlin–Kreuzberg
> www.filmkunstbar.de

On Friday 16.8.

A Teletext Cocktailparty in Musterzimmer from 19.00 to 22.00
Teletext works from 2012/2013 + refreshments. Everybody welcome!

Musterzimmer Showroom for Contemporary Art
Crellestrasse 44 10827 Berlin
> www.musterzimmer.net

OUT NOW: Occulto issue e


The metaporphosis is complete.
Occulto is now a biannual publication with its own ISSN.

Meet the Popular Republic of Photosynthesis.
Learn how thin and blurry the boundary between living and inanimate can be.
Read challenging reflections about our interpretation of the theory of evolution.
Discover how cleverly Queen Dido took advantage of the isoperimetric problem.
Watch gossip stars morphed into Poltergeist.
Download the second great selection of music compiled by Onga (Boring Machines)

… And more!

Katier presents: ‘Star Shots’ Pocket Photobook by AGLU

Katier is very pleased to announce the publication of her very first and brand new pocket photobook ‘Star Shots’ in happy collaboration with AGLU!
Check out the AGLU website and buy your copy now!!


Following on from the success of our Strange Days and The Air Was Full of Promises books by Adam Geary in July 2012, Aglu is delighted to announce the publication of two new books and allied set of photographs.

Star Shots by Kathrin Günter, investigates the cult of the female celebrity serviced by paparazzi imagery and asks vital questions about those that ‘capture’ and use such images and of the ‘captured’. Kathrin is a German photographer/artist based in Berlin.

Berlinoir by Sebastian Klug, takes us on an atmospheric journey through the nightlife of Berlin. Using a mobile phone, Sebastian is able to recreate the energy and vibrancy of his nocturnal encounters in these colourful and ghost like images. Sebastian is a German photographer based in Berlin.


Aglu provides a breathing space for new work and ideas. Swimming under the mainstream, it raises its head through our pocket photobooks and presents a range of new work that will hopefully take your breath away. Our philosophy is to provide high quality books and original photographs at affordable prices.

Aglu publishes photography and alongside the books, sells limited edition original prints from the books. Our books are distributed through a limited number of bookshops and can be viewed and purchased online at the BOOKS section of this website. The photographs are available through the PHOTOGRAPHS section of the website.

Star Shots III – The go-between

For now I cannot reveal how the spirit of living celeb’ star J. exposed herself on my photographic paper (image below), but I do sense quite strongly, that she won’t be the only apparition in my darkroom cabinet.

With the new series, Star Shots III will gradually expose the subtle agent mediating closely between the spirit and the celebrity world.

Katier Shows: AC Gallery Berlin


AC Galerie + Occulto Magazine present

Episode One: Printed Matters + Music

29 October 2010
7 pm – 0 am

First selection of publications
Focusing on unique issues and side-projects

Occulto collaborated with:
Case da disabitare (Italy)
Non Amarmi (Italy)

is glad to present and support:
RAWRAW Edizioni (Italy)

loves and recommends:
_____ -micro research (Germany)
Kathrin Günter(Germany)
I .doc you will (Germany)
Monochrom (Austria)
Multiplex Fiction (Austria)
Waehre Koenige (Austria)

First of a series of concerts
Focusing on experimental sounds

8.30 pm
Fausto Maijstral
(New Zealand, Germany, Italy)

Katier Shows: Casting: Visite Ma Tente – 22/01/10


Visite ma Tente
Schwedenstr 18b
13357 Berlin

Ende Januar wird Visite ma tente in der Schwedenstraße “abgebaut”.
Daher möchten wir Sie gerne zu einer letzten Blitzausstellung einladen, um die letzten 5 Jahre
gemeinsamer Arbeit zusammen zu feiern.


Carla Ahlander | Bettina Allamoda | Guillaume Alimoussa | Michelle Alperin | Nándor Angstenberger | Astrali/Pierce | Joel Bartholomeo | Manon Bellet | Cecile Belmont | Katja Brinkmann | Matthew Burbidge| Nicolas Cilins | Alexine Chanel | Pascal Danz| Stefan Davi | Kane Do | Bruno Dorn | Jürgen Eisenacher | Christel Fetzer | Asi Föcker | Matthias Fritsch | Anne Gathmann | April Gertler | Robert Gfader| Maurus Gmür | Pierre Granoux | Julien Grenier| Sabine Gross | Kathrin Günter | Lise Harvey | Vanessa Henn | Iréne Hug | Sofia Hultén | Hervé Humbert | Peter Jap Lim | Thomas Jocher | Halina Kliem | Wolf von Kries | Käthe Elke Kruse | Simone Lanzenstiel/ Tom Früchtl | Julia Lazarus | Delphine Lefort | Sabina van der Linden | Gerard Mantz | Tatiana Masuric | Matthias Mayer | Karin Müller | Yvonne Paul | Lilla von Puttkammer | Joe Neave | Tere Recarens | Anne Rinn | Martin G. Schmid| Michael Schultze | Ivan Seal | Eva Seufert | Amelia Seymour | Heidi Sill | Catriona Shaw | Assan Smati | Albert Weis | Maya Weyermann | Gernot Wieland | Barbara Wille | Christina Woditschka | Shingo Yoshida | Claudia Zweifel.

Eröffnung Freitag, den 22. Januar 2010

23. – 24. 01. 2010, 16-20 Uhr

Galerie Visite ma tente
Schwedenstraße 18b |13357 berlin
Tel +49 (0) 178 7060247

Marie-josé Ourtilane

U 8 Pankstrasse
U 9 Osloerstrasse
Tram M13, 50