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Riti, magie nere e segrete orge nel trecento (1973) by Renato Polselli
aka: The Reincarnation of Isabel


It’s nobody else then Count Dracula again, who, in a far more dramatic style than his usual performances, bites one pretty girl’s neck after the other, until the 25th moon has come and reincarnation time is due. Reincarnation for his beloved wife Isabel, burnt as a witch in the 14th century and now, in 1970 desperately seeks a new and fresh body. And who could serve with a more appropriate body than his very own stepdaughter who is just about to marry in the very castle where once his wife dissappeared in the flames. And even the inhabitants seem to be the same…

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Alla ricerca del piacere (1972) by Silvio Amadio
aka: Amuck!


Greta Franklin (Barbara Bouchét) plays with more than fire, when she secretly follows the footsteps of her best friend Sally, who mysteriously disappeared while working as a secretary at a writers house. Shortly after her arrival at the pretty venecian island, she gets thoroughly introduced to the delirious habits and delights of her charming employer Richard (Farley Granger) and his chameleonesque wife Eleanora (Rosalba Neri), who seems to be possessed by some rather exotic faibles and talents.


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Gurkentopf (by Giggles)
aka: Gherkins


Size: From 7 – 8 cm length onwards, up to 2 cm diameter

Colour: Eel green, but cute yellow-stripy tip

Shape: “beerbelly” tendency, sad (unlike their name), even and bumpless surface

Crunchyness: Floppy, soft

Taste: If there is any flavour to taste out, it is definitely vinegar, and an apparantly cheap one. It might do some favour to the little delicious silver onions, but unfortunately not to the poor gherkins. Soaked with the harsh liquid, they splash it out all over the place with the first bite. Mind your environment!

Spicyness: Penetrant, mouth pulling vinegar

Persistency: Longer than a week (a jarr of 1550g)

Pricing: 1,19 Euros

Gurken Ranking: 3 out of 10


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Il terzo occhio (1966) by Mino Guerrini
aka: Third eye


When maid Marta (Gioia Pascal), full of bitterness, senses her long desired chance come true, of conquering the desperately admired young Conte Mino (Franco Nero), she doesn’t hesitate at all to follow her cold blooded intuitions. Possessive Mama (Olga Solbelli), unwilling to share her son with anybody, falls accidently down the steps while Minos fiancée Laura (Erica Blanc) crashes down the cliffs and finds her death drowning in the lake. But Mino keeps on ignoring Marta, as in his very own world the only place in his heart has been already (p)reserved long ago.


Take off (1978) by Armand Weston


This intimate time travel in reverse through the history of Hollywood documented and lived by one of the most famous fountains of youth in no other shape than Darrin Blue (Wade Nichols), makes women’s hearts beat faster. Virtuously taking over one hot star character after the other, shooting from century to century until he finally takes off with co star Linda (Leslie Bovie) to be catapulted back into his proper age.

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La morte non ha sesso (1968) by Massimo Dallamano
aka: A black veil for Lisa


Being in the position of a police inspector obviously helps to detect and resolve a lot of naughty things even though not all investigations might be equally satisfying in the end. Inspector Franz Bulov (John Mills) has to learn this bitter lesson, as, despite his obsessive but definitely not unfounded private control patrols, Madame Bulov, aka Lisa (Luciana Palluzzi), leads a jolly secret double life behind his back and opens the door not only to her husband. A successful detention of the main suspect in his recent case suddenly delivers him a completely new perspective, … but not only for him, of course.

Enigma Rosso (1978) by Alberto Negrin
aka: Rings of Fear


Inspector Gianni di Salvo (Fabio Testi) has to slip over several murmurs before he can close his delicate case of murders in and around a rich girls residence school. While he is making unrequested waves in the dormitories of the staff and the girls, the murderer kills and kills again, suspiciously always exactly one step ahead in the inspector’s investigation line. How could the killer know of his plans and who writes in the name of Nemesis? Some clues don’t seem to match up.
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Moskauer Gurken (by Kühne)
aka: “pikant würzig, nach russischer Art”


Size: From 5 – 6 cm length onwards, 1,5-2 cm diameter

Colour: yellowish green tip leading to luscious meadow, salamander pattern
Shape: elegant, curvy and self-confident

Crunchyness: Strong skin, knacky, but slightly dry tendency

Taste: A delicately tricky flavour-mixture of borage and coriander combined with traditional mustard seeds gives this gurken species a very own and unique flavour. The firm little bumps add an excentric texture to the edgy but flowery flavour.

Spicyness: strong, pikant vinegar

Persistency: About a week (a jarr of 750g)

Pricing: 1,69 Euros

Gurken Ranking: 8 out of 10


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Jigoku (1960) by Nobuo Nakagawa
aka: The sinners of hell

jigoku1.jpg jigoku_1.gif

All sinners on earth will regret one day, when their long and well hidden secrets are to be revealed and mercilessly punished in no darker place than hell. And this is for sure: You cannot hide anything, not the tiniest and most unconsiderable looking sin, from Lord Emna, god of the eight gates of hellish repetitive torture. Unfortunately for some people, like slightly apathic Shiro (Shigeru Amachi), hell seems to start already on earth, as he can’t help resigning and lets evilness rule his tragic and rather unlucky destiny.

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Il profumo della signora in nero (1974) by Francesco Barilli
The Perfume of the Lady in Black


Mysterious things are happening around melancholic beauty Silvia (Mimsy Farmer). It seems, that somebody is eager to drive her deliriously mad. Is it her sleazy, butterfly collecting boyfriend Roberto (Maurizio Bonuglia) with his mysterious black magic friends, or maybe gorgious Francesca (Donna Jordan) the neighbour girl, -jealousy?- Could it be that one of the other suspicious neighbours…? Maybe it is her stepfather, blaiming her for the death of her mother. And what about the little girl, who suddenly appears and decides to live with her?

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il-profumo-della-signora-frame1.jpg profumo-400-3.jpg

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Bizarre (1987) by Giuliana Gamba
aka: Profumo


Bizarre is the name and the game is naughty. The only possibility to escape the haunting playground of her inventive husband, Laurie (Florence Guérin) has to rewrite the rules for a new and very convenient player. The nights are long, but the game is short. Three players. And one precious trophy ?

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Knax Riesen (by Hengstenberg)
aka: “riesig, knackig and würzig”


Size: From 10 – 12 cm length onwards, 4-5 cm diameter

Colour: Pale green with tendency to bleached olive, dark edges

Shape: Massive, trunky, a bit plump but friendly

Crunchyness: Strong, firm, bity

Taste: After the first, slightly watery delusion -i might have been unlucky- these juicy Knax Riesen, with their delicately layered vinegar-mustardseed dressing, tasted themselves – so far! – into my one of my favourite range of gewürzgurken. Bumpy round and full flavour.

Spicyness: Decent vinegar

Persistency: less than a week (a jarr of 1550g)

Gurken Ranking: 7 out of 10

PS: Unfortunately I can only provide a normal knax family picture, (which are tastewise equally good, but smaller) because the jarr is already empty.